Expert valuation services for accountants and insolvency professionals

Valuation Consulting’s services to the finance professions

Credible and professional independent valuation is an important component of many commercial transactions including business sales, financing and restructuring. We have many years’ experience in working with accountancy firms of many different types, large and small, on commercial transactions and other business valuation issues. 

Our expertise

Valuation Consulting is dedicated to independent valuation and is recognised both in the UK and internationally as the leading independent valuer of businesses, companies and intellectual property (IP).

We have unrivalled expertise in providing valuation services to the accountancy profession, especially where accountants are conflicted, require expert opinion or specialist expertise in valuing IP. Three of our senior directors are qualified Chartered Accountants and have trained with the highest ranked accountancy firms. Two of our other directors were at a senior level in the HMRC valuation team. Four of our directors have appeared in court resulting generally in successful outcomes for our clients. Most of our directors are Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Chartered Valuation Surveyors and Registered Business Valuers.

In the context of litigation our opinions have weight. The cases that we have worked on include inter alia false accounting and fraud, shareholder disputes, divorce, buy-outs and minority oppression. This expertise has been recognised by the legal profession and judiciary.  We have often been complimented in Judgements. We have received instructions from the US Inland Revenue Service UK, HMRC Solicitors Office, appeared in Special Commissioner Hearings and valued the Disney characters for US tax reasons.

How Valuation Consulting can help

  • Valuation Consulting’s experienced directors can value businesses and companies to inform the advice of accountants, assisting in negotiations and facilitating favourable in negotiations and disputes
  • We can provide expert opinion on valuation and royalty rates in licensing and litigation matters in reports for our clients, accountants and for the Courts
  • We are frequently used by tax accountants and lawyers to carry out valuations which will be used for general tax purposes and transfer pricing, to ensure compliance, provide opinion on previous valuations by tax professionals and tax authorities and to support tax planning proposals
  • Valuation is fundamental to M&A. Our independent valuations inform decisions in commercial transactions giving an objective valuation in business purchases and sales, financing and restructuring.  Transactions, Information Memoranda and a Prospectus often required a valuation addendum. Valuation Consulting are independent experts acceptable to Sponsors, Nomads and the Takeover Panel
  • Our valuations are a key part of many successful employee incentive schemes, where regular valuation is often required
  • Valuation Consulting evaluate the overall fairness of offer prices in tender offers and are routine. Boards of acquirors and target companies do this in over 50% of public tender offers, triggered by defensive considerations e.g. potential shareholder challenges and class actions
  • We can value the IP in businesses and with legal advisers and/or our business partners advise on how this IP can be structured, registered, patented and secured. IP valuation is a particular specialism of Valuation Consulting. We value patents, brands, trademarks, copyrights, image rights, web-domains, customer databases and other IP and intangible assets and advise on royalty rates
  • Valuation for Allocation of Purchase Cost – fair value accounting and IFRS3 impose mandatory reporting requirements on all companies reporting under IFRS e.g. full list and AIM.  Acquired intangibles are to be recognised separately on the balance sheet.  FASB141 and 142 have similar requirements under USGAP. Valuation Consulting undertakes this work for the accounting firms regularly who because of conflict will not sign off their own valuations. Under IFRS’s 36,38/FAS142/144 there is also a requirement, for an impairment test on the valuations originally attributable to the intangible assets
  • We are particularly experienced in valuing IP rich start-ups or early stage development companies (and their IP) looking to raise finance or equity. Our expertise covers bio-pharmaceuticals, green energy, information technology, e commerce, health, sport and education
  • Insolvency, Distress and Recovery – our expertise is used by recovery specialists in all aspects of the business rescue where intellectual property and intangible assets form a part of that business, and particularly useful to protect positions when directors wish to purchase such assets out of distress
  • Public Sector – Appraisals have been in privatisation and the tendering out of central and local government and public sector services including acting for the National Audit Office in value for money studies and of the benchmark valuation procedures in privatisations; and recently under instruction from Department BIS and Intellectual Property Office


  • Access to research, including extensive data on royalty rates and transactions
  • Peer reviews of valuations
  • Training and knowledge transfer
  • Demonstrable experience and expertise
  • Informing and improving negotiating positions
  • Affordable and practical with fixed price quotes for our reports
  • Independent and conflict free – Valuation Consulting is only in the business of valuation consulting and does not carry out or compete for general accounting, legal and tax work

And for accountancy firms (or their clients) seeking to incorporate, refinance or restructure

  • Valuations and advice on business plans and Information Memorandums will assist in obtaining funding. Importantly these valuations are objective and independent
  • Access to pension funds through transfer of IP. We have expertise in valuing IP which can then be transferred at market value to pension funds or provided as security thus enabling firms access to funding from their pension funds. Our valuations reduce the risk of unapproved transfer penalties
  • With many Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) looking to incorporate, an independent valuation will be a key requirement of the process

Our partners

Valuation Consulting has a deep and wide network of professional contacts including patent attorneys, lawyers, accountants, IP analysers, financiers and specialist consultants.


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